About Me

Founded in 2010, Phobio is the most transparent and trustworthy company in the trade-in industry. We are obsessed with simplifying the complicated and elevating the customer experience. CEO Stephen Wakeling started the company with a group of friends who saw opportunity in the growing trade-in market. They wanted to create a more honest way for businesses to maximize profitability while offering a better customer experience.

With a culture of curiosity, a commitment to transparency and a can-do attitude, Phobio is raising the bar by offering customer-friendly software and trade-in solutions that work. Want to boost new device sales, streamline processes and delight customers? That’s our specialty. It all adds up to increased profitability and a devoted customer base for your business, which gives you a competitive edge. Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, Phobio has customer support, partner success and engineering teams across the U.S.